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第 337 回 東京レントゲンカンファレンス[2012年6月28日]
症例1 60歳代 女性 : 労作時呼吸苦,慢性咳嗽
small cell lung cancer



・稀な形態であり,現在までに5 例程度の報告がある。

Primary lung cancer with growth in the PA
Author(year) Age/sex symptoms location Pathological diagnosis
Present case 68/F Fever,cough Right PA Small cell ca.
Yamaguchi et al. (2000) 66/M Dry cough Right PA SCC
55/F Dry cough Left PA ASC
Estrera et al.(2002) 63/F Left shoulder pain Right PA LCNEC
Kamigaki et al.(2005) 69/F Screening Left PA Small cell ca.
Okamoto et al.(2009) 68/M Fever,Cough Main and left PA SCC
SCC:squamous cell carcinoma, ASC;adenosquamous cell carcinoma, LCNEC; large cell neuroendocrine carcioma


 CT 所見からの鑑別1
Lobulated,Acute angle with vessel wall   Smooth,Obtuse angle with vessel wall
⇒肺動脈肉腫を疑う   ⇒慢性肺動脈血栓塞栓症を疑う






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